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Meet Pupper 


    Pupper is a huge reason why I started this business. She was my childhood dog. I rescued her when she was only a year old. She was my best friend. I always say she was baby before I had babies. When she met the children, she became their miniature protector. She was a Miniature Schnauzer after all. 
    Pupper went to the Rainbow Bridge on 9/23/2019. I really wanted to get a memorial piece for her and since I am overly crafty, I knew I could make the perfect piece.  I ended up finding a super cute pawprint mold and decided to add her ashes to that, I also wanted a piece that I could carry around with me. I decided a ring with her ashes would be perfect, and it was!
    I had a friend reach out asking if I could do the same with breastmilk and I decided to give it a whirl. She donated milk to me and I was able to trial and error until I got it just right! I started using only 10ml of breastmilk with a powder that I found online. This worked great, however, I felt there was more powder than milk in the ring. So, I experimented a little more and found my own process where I remove all the liquid from the milk and turn it into a powder form. This takes about 3-5oz of milk but knowing the ring is just your milk mixed with a non-toxic epoxy resin is worth the extra milk to me! 

Our Story


    Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Jeaniejo and I am the owner of Jaw Dropping Innovations. My husband Dan and I met through online dating in 2013. We got Married in April of 2018. Together we have 3 beautiful children, we also have 3 cats and a dog. 
    I am an obsessed crafter, and I love to learn all the new things. I remember years ago, I used to make duct tape items, pens, wallets, dresses you name it I tapped it. I like to think of myself as Jack of all Trades when it comes to crafting. If I don't know how, you can bet I will find every how-to video until I can master it. However, when I found this craft, it was totally different. I will never get over people’s faces when they get to see their pieces, and the excitement I get when I package up an order to ship.

After I had left my full time job to follow my dreams. Our local newspaper reached out to do a story. Check out our story from Elijah's perspective!

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