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Q & A

How much milk is needed?

3-5 oz of milk is prefered. I can use as little as 10ml, however, with that amount I will be adding powder to process the milk. 

How much cremation remains are needed?

For rings and pendednts, I only needed about 1/8-1/4 of a teaspoon. Larger pieces will neede more. If you are not comfortable with portioning it out, you may send the full amount and I will ship it back with your piece. 

Where do I send my inclusion?

After an order is placed, you will receive an email with further instructions including mailing address. 

What do you do with the left over?

I am generally pretty accurate with my mix, however, if there is any extra I will make something extra as a free gift.  I will also return the powder form unless you would like to donate the remaining. The donations will be used in practice pieces or a piece for a momma who wasn't able to produce enough.

What type of metal is used?

All jewelry is 925 Sterling Silver unless otherwise noted. Inclusion is mixed with a non-toxic epoxy resin to set the stone. 

What is the turn around time?

Current turn around time for jewelry pieces is 4-8 weeks, after inclusion is received. Turn around time may vary, and an estimate ship date will be included with your email. 
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